Backyard Cottages Approved as Metro Housing Solution

Backyard Cottages Approved as Metro Housing Solution

Invest in Single-Family Cottages with an Oregon Hard Money Loan

Real estate in Seattle, Washington is at a premium, creating high competition and a lack of affordable housing options similar to the Portland metro region.

In response, Seattle has approved an environmentally-sustainable solution to help ease the housing crunch.

Local legislation now allows construction of more and larger backyard cottages. Parking and on-site owner occupancy rules have been revised.

In addition, restrictions on new single-family home construction limit larger houses based on floor area and lot size.

The new rules are intended to encourage construction of more moderately-sized homes plus accessory units – creating flexible, affordable housing options throughout the Seattle metro area while better preserving the look and feel of single family neighborhoods.

Backyard Cottages Are a Solid Real Estate Investment

Single family cottages appeal to a broad range of residents, from young professionals just starting out to retirees ready to downsize to seniors in need of an independent living space close to family.

For real estate investors in hot Pacific Northwest housing markets like Seattle and Portland, backyard cottages present a variety of investment scenarios. You can live on site, enjoying the advantages of close proximity to a rental cottage when dealing with upkeep or emergency repairs. Or invest in and maintain a property that includes two unique rental units.

Finance Your Backyard Cottage with a Hard Money Loan

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