8 Ways to Add Value to Your Rental Property

8 Ways to Add Value to Your Rental Property

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Home renovation increases property value. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades, new flooring and open floor plans are all great. You can also expect them to take a lot of money and time.

Before you go through the expense and hassle of a total renovation or bathroom/kitchen redo, check out these comparatively affordable updates. Whether you’re preparing to sell a property or need a refresh to appeal to prospective renters, these eight rental property upgrades will both impress and give you bang for your buck.

8 Great Value-Back Rental Property Updates

  1. Appliances: Updated, modern-looking appliances in good working order will win over buyers and potential tenants alike. Invest in stainless steel for the most appeal.
  2. Bedrooms: Extra bedrooms immediately add value to a home. Repurpose or creatively stage a loft, basement or attic space to suggest additional bedroom options.
  3. Storage: Add extra cabinet shelves and closet systems wherever possible, from kitchen to laundry to garage. Mudrooms are popular and easily created with storage units.
  4. Vintage: If your home is older, give it a fresh look by embracing the interior’s basics. Expose brickwork. Reveal the original flooring.
  5. Tech: Convenience, safety and sustainability are top of mind today. Install a security doorbell, smart thermostat, solar powered path lights and other home tech devices.
  6. HVAC: Save energy and improve year-round comfort by upgrading ductwork and insulation, AC unit, and weatherstripping.
  7. Fence: Don’t overlook your investment property’s exterior. A new or nicely repaired and stained fence will up your curb appeal.
  8. Trees: If your property has trees, trim and maintain them. If it doesn’t, add trees to your landscaping for visual appeal and to contribute to improved air and water quality.

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