7 Pro Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

7 Pro Tips for A Successful Home Renovation

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A home renovation project of any size is an undertaking.

Whether you’re upgrading a kitchen, flipping a house, or remodeling a rental property, renovation projects demand time, attention, money. . .and a healthy dose of patience.

You can help ensure the success of your remodeling project by heeding the advice of seasoned real estate pros. We’ve gathered tips from experienced investors and industry experts.

Helpful Tips to Guide Your Home Remodel Project

There will, inevitably, be bumps and setbacks along the way in any renovation project (see #7!). But these seven tips will help guide your remodel to successful completion.

  1. Inspiration: Start your project with a vision by creating an inspiration board. Look at other homes, research real estate trends, scroll the internet, and collect images that represent the look and feel you want to achieve for the space you’re renovating.
  2. Budget: Set a clear and realistic budget before beginning any renovation and know where your financing is coming from. Put aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. And work with your contractor and architect to ensure your budget is on track.
  3. Zoning & Codes: Become familiar with local building and zoning codes and get an updated property survey to avoid any surprises. Make sure your team is fully aware of all information at the start of your project.
  4. Team: Gather a trusted team of professionals that work well together. Reliable contractors are essential, and depending on your project, you may also need an interior designer, architect, plumber, and real estate agent. Recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues are a good place to start your search.
  5. Communication: Maintaining regular and transparent communication is a must for a successful remodel project. It goes both ways. Not only do you need a team that responds when you have questions, but they also need you to be available and responsive when issues arise.
  6. Order early: Delayed deliveries of renovation materials can quickly throw a project off, creating costly scheduling hassles. Order your supplies and products in advance – or work with your contractor to find alternatives to items that may cause delays.
  7. Expect delays: Final tip. Despite your best efforts, there will be delays, so anticipate them. Reduce stress by building time and dollars for the unanticipated into your renovation plans.

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