6 Design Tips to Keep Rooms Cool

6 Design Tips to Keep Rooms Cool

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Summers in the Pacific Northwest are special. Bright blue skies and beautiful sunny days make the rainy season a faint memory.

Summertime temperatures are typically comfortable depending on locale; air conditioning is not a year-round necessity. How do homeowners keep things cool when temperatures spike?

If you’re flipping a house or upgrading a rental property and an HVAC system isn’t in your budget, the design choices you make can contribute to the home’s comfort level throughout the year – and increase your ROI.

Check out these “keep cool” home design tips. Cost-effective home cooling upgrades are great selling features when renting or flipping a home during the summer season!

6 “Keep Cool” Home Design Tips

  1. Roofing: A light colored roof will reflect light and heat up to 60 degrees more than traditional dark roofing materials. Paint an existing dark roof in a lighter shade to keep things cool.
  2. Insulation: Quality, insulated doors and double or triple paned windows effectively keep the heat out. Weather stripping, storm doors and interior or exterior shutters will further insulate.
  3. Landscaping: Shade trees and shrubs help cool a home and property – and are a boost to the environment. They also provide protection during winter months and add to curb appeal.
  4. Windows: Rooms stay cooler when shaded from direct sun, especially on the south or west facing side of a home. Retractable window awnings and insulated cellular shades on sliding doors and skylights will keep interior temps pleasant.
  5. Flooring: Hardwood, tile or laminate floors are cool and comfortable underfoot in warm weather. When carpeting a space, avoid synthetic blends. Opt for natural, breathable materials like cotton, wool or woven sisal.
  6. Ceiling fans: A breeze makes a room feel less hot. Get air flowing with a ceiling fan. (Bonus: A flip of the switch will redirect hot air down into the room during cooler winter months.)

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