5 Mindful Tips on Buying A Home in A Seller’s Market

5 Mindful Tips on Buying A Home in A Seller’s Market

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We are in a seller’s market. Across the country, inventory is tight, housing prices are red hot and competition is stiff.

If you’re in the market for a home or investment property, you’re in for a challenge.

Today’s housing crunch is both pandemic-induced and the result of a long-term decline in construction of single-family homes. Landing a property can be fraught with frustrations. It can take time and you may need to make unwanted concessions. But with patience, strategy and a bit of luck, you’ll find success.

Adopting a thoughtfully assertive approach to your search is smart. But so is practicing “zen-like” patience in the midst of a housing supply shortage that will take time to correct.

Follow these five stress-reducing pointers for a leg up on the competition if you plan to buy this year:

5 “Zen” Ways to Find a Property in a Hot Market

  1. Have your financing ready: If and when the perfect property presents itself, you need to be ready to jump on it. Over asking and cash offers are the norm. So know your funding sources and be prepared.
  2. Be flexible: You may have a wish list of what’s, where’s and when’s regarding your home or rental property search. But the more you’re willing to think outside the box and see possibilities in unexpected properties, the sooner you’ll find success.
  3. Work with an experienced agent: A good agent who knows the market can be your best friend when inventory is low. They can alert you to new listings before they’re public, schedule showings, and negotiate competitive offers.
  4. Network: Talk about it. The more people you let know of your interest, the greater chance you’ll have of finding opportunities. From professional services to delivery drivers to friends and family, let everyone know you’re looking.
  5. Practice patience: Put in the work, keep your search up each and every day. But then take time to stop, take a breath, exhale, and remember it will happen in time. The right property will come along and be yours.

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