4 Top Rental Property Must Haves for Best ROI

4 Top Rental Property Must Haves for Best ROI

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Purchasing real estate is a sound investment strategy. Owning rental properties that produce income year-round is a great option for investors who are in it for the long-term.

If you’re looking at investing in a single family rental property, research and know how will help ensure success. Boost your ROI with these 4 key investment property qualities.

Single-Family Rental Property Appeal

Location:  A property’s location is the first and most important consideration. The surrounding neighborhood, walkability, school district, access to shopping and transportation can’t be changed, so buy carefully.

Community Amenities: Parks and playgrounds, libraries, cultural activities are the kind of amenities that promote quality of life and a vibrant community, adding to the “rentability” and value of a property.

Multiple Bathrooms: Tenant needs may vary, but homes with at least two bathrooms are typically easier to rent. Update bathrooms for an even higher return on investment.

Easy Upkeep: Properties with low-maintenance outdoor space that require minimum upkeep – from you or your tenant – are a smart investment. Renters will be happier and you’ll save time and money

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